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Tools for the new paradigm in engineering


At TETMET, we're transforming engineering from conception to production. Our in-house development of a lattice design software for our ASLM process will empower engineers to seamlessly incorporate innovative lattice components into their designs. As we reshape the engineering landscape, this tool will bridge the gap from idealisation to production, creating cutting-edge lightweight solutions across all industries.

This groundbreaking approach conserves energy and preserves material integrity, making it perfect for industries where customization and reliability are key. From the sleek curves of aerospace components to the intricate designs in automotive and construction engineering, ASLM is shaping the future, one precise weld at a time. Join us in this journey of innovation and efficiency with ASLM, where your imagination is the only limit.

At the heart of LDS is a sophisticated process that involves assembling solid rods through precise laser spot welding, directed by advanced AI algorithms. This process allows for remarkable control over the welding parameters, essential for maintaining consistent metallurgical properties across the lattice structure. The precision in welding is crucial for the uniformity of the weld pool, cooling rates, and the resultant microstructure, preserving essential material properties, especially when working with sensitive materials such as shape-memory alloys.


Moreover, ASLM excels in topology optimization, employing computational tools to strike a balance between geometric complexity, manufacturability, and functional performance. The process effectively optimizes material distribution within the lattice structure, focusing on parameters like strength-to-weight ratio, energy absorption, and embodied energy, to meet specific application requirements. This capability positions ASLM at the forefront of advanced manufacturing, offering bespoke solutions for enabling architectured materials within all industries.




Fast & Powerful


A deeper dive

The Future of Eco-Efficient Manufacturing


Transform your production with TETMET's ASLM technology, where we redefine efficiency. Our proprietary targeted laser welding slashes energy consumption by up to 90% or more, focusing only where it matters.


Say goodbye to the high energy demands of traditional manufacturing and welcome a sustainable future with ASLM.


Efficient, precise, revolutionary.




Embrace ASLM and witness a material saving revolution. Harnessing the power of precision, our technology enables topology optimized designs with no waste, using at least 40% less material than conventional methods.


This smart approach ensures materials are only used where essential, dramatically reducing excess and leading the way to a more sustainable and circular manufacturing future. 


With ASLM, material efficiency isn't just a goal—it's a reality.


your logistics

Step into the era of ASLM, where manufacturing logistics are redefined for efficiency. With a lighter, more agile toolchain, our process reduces logistical burdens by at least 30%.


This streamlined approach minimizes logistical complexities, offering a leaner, cost-effective, decentralized manufacturing process. 


Discover ASLM, where simpler logistics and supply chain meet innovation in manufacturing.


As we reshape the engineering landscape, this tool will bridge the gap from idealisation to production, creating cutting-edge lightweight solutions across all industries.

- Rachel Azulay PhD, Applications Engineer


From Conception To Production

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