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Meet Ted, our office pet

Updated: Dec 22, 2023

From day one, Ted, our office pet has been a big inspiration. But since he's been a grumpy spider in a corner these past few days, we thought: let's give our beloved pet some attention.

- So Ted, tell me, why you keep saying things like ‘told you so’ Ted: ‘Well, it took you guys long enough, but you finally caught on! My silky structures kick ass.’

- How do you feel about the humans right now, especially since they're only now realizing the potential of lattice structures?

Ted: Oh, humans! Always a few webs behind. But I'm proud you’re finally weaving the right patterns. Better late than never!

- With all these robot arms and AI coming into play, isn't it a bit... overwhelming?

Ted: Ha, robots and AI might be the new buzz, but nothing beats the original web designer: Me! As long as you don’t start catching flies with it... - No Ted, we're not aiming for flies

Ted: yeah, I see you guys are making progress lately. Who are all these people visiting you anyway?

- Well as you can see we're attracting the likes of some very interesting organizations like Airbus, Ariane, B..

Ted: yeah, yeah you can stop the namedropping. A lot of logos here. Good for you.

- Anything to add, Ted?’ Ted: Well your solution is good for the planet right? Promise me you keep doing that. Less and less insects come visit me, you know...

- We’ve got you buddy.

Do you like a chat with Ted or a human co-worker? Please do get in touch, we love to show you some numberrrrrrs.

Ted, our pet


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